O nás

TÝM včelařů na střechách

RNDr. Bc. Pavel Mach 

Author of the ProBee system for monitoring and management of bee colonies, founder of the project Rooftopbees and owner of the IT company Softech. As a graduate of the  Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University and the Faculty of Economics of ZČU, he brings exact reasoning to the project. He has been a beekeeper for more than 40 years and together with his wife continues the family beekeeping tradition. 

Mgr. Alena Machová, MBA 

Forensic expert in the field of beekeeping, certified beewax foundation manufacturer, co-founder of the Rooftopbees project. Thanks to her legal and economic education, she gives Rooftopbees a solid material and administrative foundation in addition to her expertise. She has been a beekeeper since childhood, publishes and lectures for CSV, PSNV, SOU Blatná and other organizations. 

Zuzana Hrdinová 

Trained beekeeper, graduate of SOUV Nasavrky and lecturer in beekeeping for CSV. She has been beekeeping more than 20 years and develops the beekeeping tradition of the Mach family. Thanks to her experience and dedicated work in the field, she has been responsible for the Rooftopbees project since its beginning. Zuzana organises regular workshops and educational programmes for primary school pupils. She is the recipient of the Extreme Excellence challenge Women in Beekeeping in 24 hours, a world record that was the subject of an HBO documentary movie in Australia. Co-founder of the Rooftopbees project.